Table For One, Please!

Welcome to my new concept of “Table for One, Please!”

Greetings! My name is Tommy Hensel and I am a dedicated solo diner who loves food and loves to talk about it. The original conception of this blog was to focus on reviewing solo dining experiences at restaurants. Over time, I realized that the idea of “table for one” encompassed more than just that narrow focus.

For me, “table for one” involves three major types of activities:

  1. Solo dining at restaurants
  2. Cooking for one at home
  3. Solo travel

Now – armed with a new triple focus – I will be exploring the world of dining and traveling alone. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy exploring and writing about those things that make me the happiest: fine food, fine wine, great cocktails, travel, and cooking.

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Epicuriously Yours,

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